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Responding Together is a project co-financed by the European Commission and the Council of Europe. It aims to mobilise citizens and resources at local level to reduce poverty and social exclusion. In a context of crisis, when conventional tools are insufficient to address the complexities of impoverishment, precariousness and inequalities, the Council of Europe is fostering experimental local processes leading to concrete actions by using locally available resources in alternative manners. About

Final conference


The concluding conference of the joint program will be held in Strasbourg, Council of Europe main building, from Monday 4th November 2013 to Wednesday the 6th. The last day will be a visit to several interesting initiatives in Strasbourg. Program and more information

After the conference

In order to give continuity to the results of Responding Together project in 2013 and to the final conference, 12 thematic networks have been created. They are meant to identify as many local initiatives as possible and then to systematize them in order to create a wide data base of good practices and reference models, able to provide in each area and to every citizen specific methods, advices and tools related to their projects. We hope as well to contribute thereby to increase the exchanges of experiences and encourage networking.

How to contribute ?

Responding together gives you the possibility to contribute in various ways. You can either simply drop us a link here or, after having registered to the website, you can interact in more ways with the website content : submit us an action, a challenge you are facing and/or answer to an article that took your interest while browsing the acting together and learning together themes. You also have the simple possibility of submitting content via a structured form.

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