1. Community gardens are those that are shared, cultivated and managed by a community of residents.


Pictures by Tlandhuis and Orti Urbani Garbatella

In general, what is being produced in community gardens is shared among the people taking part in the care of the garden. In most cases, these places contribute to the recovery of public spaces (shared gardens are often developed on reclaimed or abandoned land) as well as to the construction of social ties within the same community, between people of all ages and backgrounds.


Allotment gardens in the Park Vert de Maisons

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A real “green lung” in the city 10 minutes from Paris: converting a polluted industrial wasteland and creating conviviality in a populous area, the Allotment gardens in the Park Vert de Maisons animate the public space of a town square.


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Permaculture is a holistic method for planning, updating and maintaining systems on a human scale, environmentally sustainable, socially equitable and financially viable. Created by two Australian ecologists in the 70s it is based on the concept of the way of life of traditional Aboriginal Australia, this form of culture comes from the idea of ​​permanent culture. Ecological sustainability, which was the initial idea, is extending eventually to local sustainability of human settlements.

KoMit - Allotment Gardeners

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The Austrian Federation of Allotment Gardeners and the association KoMit cooperate for the benefit of disabled people

De Hoeve Allotment gardens

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Belgium: The members of the allotment gardens and their efforts to help people get back on the job market.

Cozinha Popular da Mouraria

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Cozinha Popular ("People's Kitchen") da Mouraria is a social project designed to revitalise the multicultural community of Mouraria in Lisbon, promoting the sharing of experiences, building community and providing employment and access to food for those in need.

Allotments and their support to young people

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Cold Barn farm is a centre for youth activity, which is dedicated to children and young people and making a difference in their lives. The allotment project started in 2006 when a group of young people showed an interest in growing their own vegetables.

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Programme Main Verte

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The City of Paris has implemented a programme to support the creation and development of community gardens.

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Community gardens are those that are shared, cultivated and managed by a community of residents.