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__Social Pharmacy-medical office in Katerini “Alekos Ftikas”__

The Social Pharmacy- medical office is a voluntary action of social solidarity. It is addressed to all uninsuranced, unemployed people the ones without access to the heath provision system.  

Frameries Medical House

In Belgium, medical houses are integrated health centres where general practitioners, physiotherapists or nurses organize their work all together to provide first line care in a continuous way. Focus  

Open Solidarity Committee Tinos Island

The aim of the Social Pharmacy of the Solidarity Committee of Tinos Island is providing free medicines to un-insurances citizens as well as people excluded form public health in general.  

Social Medical Office in Agrinio “Georgios N. Papaioannou”

Social network of Doctors and Pharmacists of Ilion It provides free examinations and free medicines prescription to people that lack access to hearth care provision. It also collects medicines that a  

Social medical office of Magnisia

It is supported by the Doctor’s union of Magnisia. It offers free examinations.  

Social Pharmacy of Kilkis

It is addressed to the poor, uninsured, immigrants without permission to stay. It is a structure based on the voluntarism of the local doctors and pharmacists as well as the members of the social ser  

Social Pharmacy-Social Medical office in Kavala

The Social pharmacy-Social medical office was founded to provide health services to underprivileged citizens of Kavala. The medicines’ kept at home- in no use- collection and management under the su  

Social Solidarity Medical Office-Pharmacy of Preveza

It is a structure providing free medical examination and medicines prescription to un insurances citizens and poor people and is supported on a volunteering base by a group of doctors offering their s  

Social Solidarity network-Herakleion Crete

The NGO: Social Solidarity Network of Herakleion” has established a social medical office to provide basic health care provision to un- insuranced- poor citizens of Herakleion.  

Solidarity medical office Piraeus

The Solidarity medical office of Pireus is providing to un-insuranced citizens for free: medical and dental health provision, medicines, occupational therapy, speech therapy, physiotherapy as well  

Solidarity network Anasa

Anasa, that means "Breath" in greek, is the bridge that brings together producers from all over Greece and the local consumer; we promote homegrown products from pulses, rice, flour and many more, eli