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"Cut out the middlemen", SPAME Petroupoli

SPAME Petroupoli consists of residents of Petroupoli and is part of the Pan-Hellenic network "Without middlemen". Our initiative goals are : 1) The function of collective and self-organized groups  

Food surplus regulation

Policies (local/ national/ EU level) can help lower down the amount of food being wasted while providing access to food for the most deprived persons; meanwhile citizen organizations such as foodbanks  

Genuino Clandestino

Genuine Clandestino is a national campaign promoting the free processing of farm products considered "illegal" by Italian law, the “km zero” production and the ethically sustainable and direct sal  

Incredible edible

fiche formulaire

Izlelo Family Restaurant

Izlelo is the first restaurant in Hungary, which provides skill training and permanent employment to people with disabilities using a sustainable business model.  

Solidarity network Anasa

Anasa, that means "Breath" in greek, is the bridge that brings together producers from all over Greece and the local consumer; we promote homegrown products from pulses, rice, flour and many more, eli