Anasa, that means "Breath" in greek, is the bridge that brings together producers from all over Greece and the local consumer; we promote homegrown products from pulses, rice, flour and many more, eliminating the role of the middleman and, by doing so, allowing people to buy products at prices significantly lower and at the same time strenghtening the local economy. In addition, the producers provide an amount of their products for free, which is then distributed to the local social welfare houses that feed and dresses people in need. Born in October 2012, the network has already offered food provisions to other networks such as "Open city", "Solidarity network of Perama" and the "Kifissia Municipality Welfare Grocery", as welle as to families who have come to suffer from malnutrition, due to the crisis, in the municipality of Kifissia. Moreover, "Breath" has offered clothing to "Open city", to the "RETO", which is an organization for the people who suffered from substances abuse but are now rehabilitated, to refugees centers, to prisons, to schools, as welle as to local familie. The network has also founded a team that is dedicated to health issues and has as a purpose to help our fellow citizens who are not covered by health insurance. Particularly, the team systematically provides drugs to the social pharmacy of "Open city", to the social Infirmary of Piraeus, and to the social pharmacy of Patisia. Finally, we have recently founded the "Bank of time Hermes", that has as a mission to provide exchange of services and knowledge pro bono time.

Contact :

Municipality of Kifissia 20 P. Grigoriou E' Street GR-146 71 N. ERYTHREA TEl : 0030 210 8078353