Responding together Cities

Turkey: Muratlı

Muratlı is a Town in East Thrace of 20,000 inhabitants. It is without a citizens' assembly but has a coordination group constituted ad hoc to participate in Responding Together project. Six ideas for actions are being debated to be carried out.

Turkey: Pehlivanköy

Pehlivanköy is a village of 2100 people. A Coordination Group of 20 people has been created in the framework of Responding Together project, and four actions are planned.

Turkey: Tekirdağ

Tekirdağ is a coastal city; it is the capital of Thrace with about 150,000 inhabitants. Its co-ordination group is the Citizens' Assembly, created in 2009 in accordance with the Turkish law. It started its participation in the Responding Together project in March 2013.

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