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spiral region russia ulyanovsk 2013 health community food romania mulhouse training collaborative commons economy education housing participation social access avoiding waste citizens assemblies citizenship cohésion coresponsabilité creativity democracy empowerment homeless p2p padaria-de-ponta-verde pcs proximity sharing sharing, sharingknowledge spaces study visit waste access to employment accesstoemployment activism, agenda alternative art art, care carpooling co-responsibility community, coresponsible territories culture culture, currency diy edd fighting poverty grassroots insertion jardin land learning local migrants mobility mobilization, médiation network of online plans public repair school social, sociale solidarity street sustainablemobility territoire time tool wallonie youth écolededevoirs 21 access to food accesstofood accueil agenda21 agriculture aid, alimentation allcooking alleat, altenative alternativeeconomy alternativemoney analitical and a third tag another tag apprentissage authenticity authorities, autonomy avoidingwaste; avoindingpollution; barcamp barter being bicycle bicycles, bikes, biologique bitcoin blagnac breaucracy, bristol, brussels bucharest buildingcommons bunastare buolding car carsharing chabaud cherdakly children, cities citizen, citizens citoyen civic civic engagement claims class cleaning, cluj co-housing co-production co-work co-working coexist, coffee collective commons, communizinghospitalityservices competences complementary conseil

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"Recuperiamoci!" is a non-profit solidarity network within which circulates all the work experience that exists in the "prison sphere", and which aims to raise awareness and to improve the dignity of  

Released Ex-colorificio /Project Rebeldia

The Project Rebeldia, a social center which was for two years without a space to carry out its activities, together with the Municipality of the Commons (consisting of groups and citizens' association