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Intitulé Reclaim, Refresh, Rejuce
Type Service/Tool
Organisation Rejuce
EN short description Re-Directing food surpluses from local markets/supermarkets and transforming it into healthy socio/enviro/eco friendly soups and smoothies.
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Each year over 400,000 tonnes of fresh, nutritious fruit and veg is wasted by the retail industry.

Rejuce's mission is to dry up this edible food surplus, in London’s biggest markets and distribution centres, providing affordable healthy products to localist shops, cafés, bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants.

Its constitution is simple: leave no trace and no waste. Rejuce actively seeks to reduce, re-use and recycle other peoples food surpluses.

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Pays Royaume-Uni Royaume-Uni
Site Web REJUCE | Carbonated juice water made from wonky fruit | London UK
Langue English
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