Photo courtesy of Lambeth City Council and Andrew Orange

Community Freshview is an off shoot of the successful monthly clean-up campaign Freshview and sees residents join forces with the council to makeover their local areas.

How does it work?

Community Freshview is led by residents and is a chance to make a difference to the environment in the local area. Whether the community wants to brighten up a green space, give a facelift to a disused area of land or any other activity that improves the local environment, the council will help to achieve it.

Freshview aims to:

  • Improve environmental quality;
  • Reduce anti-social behaviour; and
  • Increase community engagement and partnership working.

What types of activities can the community do?

People can do any activity that helps to improve the quality of the environment in the local area. For example:

  • Clearing and tidying an area of woodland;
  • Building on-street planters and window boxes;
  • Removing debris from disused land;
  • Cutting back overgrowth from alleyways and footpaths; and
  • Brightening up local areas to make them visible and safe.

Community Freshview Feedback

“Freshview makes a valuable contribution, both in practical terms and what it does for social cohesion. People talk to each other more. New neighbours, including enterprises are welcomed, get involved and realise that they can contribute too" Dick Alford - Resident

Links and other sources

  • For more information on the Community Freshview Initiative, go here.