AYUDH is the international youth wing of Embracing the World, a global network of charitable activties created by Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi).

AYUDH was founded in 2001 and is active in Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and Australia. It is open for youth between 15 and 30 years of age from all religions, social and cultural backgrounds. AYUDH is active in the following fields:

  • Social Service

Through voluntary engagement we wish to contribute to our local communities. By putting compassion into action we want to be the starting point of change.

  • Green Initiatives

By promoting a sustainable and environment friendly lifestyle we wish to preserve and protect the earth and live in respect of nature.

  • Personal Empowerment

AYUDH provides youth with the opportunity to aquire skills in project management and international teamwork. Our programmes help young people to develop and express their creative and innovative potential, gain inner strength and balance.

  • Intercultural Exchange

AYUDH helps building bridges between youth from different cultures, religions and social backgrounds. It provides a global network of young people who share the ambition to create a better world.


‘GrowIn’ – One seed at a time’ This is the first of AYUDH’s Green Initiatives to be launched at a global level. It proposes action themes to the youth worldwide. The project encourages all its members to start growing food for themselves, in whatever space available; enabling each of them to do so by providing resources suitable to the participants’ local contexts. It intends to help youth reconnect with nature and to raise their awareness about food issues.

  • GrowIn' Workshops

1. GrowIn’ Netherlands organised the small workshop ‘Make your own mini-vegetable garden’. In this workshop young people learned the basics of starting their own vegetable garden. 2. GrowIn' Belgium held an Earth friendly afternoon with a gardening workshop and a great creative workshop in plastic recycling.