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These initiatives help to sound the alarm in face of the paradox of having on the one hand, people who are homeless, and on the other, hundreds of abandoned and unused buildings. It is also a first step towards the reinvention of these spaces. Examples can be seen with projects like (Im)possible living in Italy, or Emptyhomes in the UK. These initiatives also provide tools and support to re-activate vacant buildings into places of culture, activity and social inclusiveness.


Meanwhile Space

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Meanwhile Space are a community interest company working all over the UK to activate vacant property and sites with uses that benefit the community, while something else is waiting to happen or being planned.

Givrum.nu ("give room now")

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Givrum.nu is an organisation that works with user-driven urban development. Using extensive knowledge about citizen-participatory processes in the city, Givrum.nu has among other things created life in empty buildings for a temporary period and created awareness-raising events where innovative ways (cultural, social, etc.) of developing cities are put on the agenda.

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