The idea of the meeting is to have a two-day working session, the first day working on finding together creative actions to fight against exclusion, the second day on creatively finding resources, and common goods.

The methodology employed was :

- Inviting people from heterogenous group + members of coordination group + members and contacts of edgeryders (local active young people) - First workshop : adapted open space methodology to find creative actions with three themes : Purchasing power, education and jobs ; Active citizenship, dynamics and collective will ; Social solidarity. The persons were randomly distributed on the tables for 3 hours intensive interaction (with the idea to switch tables) - Second workshop : Resource banking : Three tables are set in the room : a time bank, to have participants register volunteering propositions, and working time available for local projects of their choice; a skill bank : to map which skills you can use, teach, provide and in which projects you want them to be used ; a material bank : what money, useful contacts, tools, places, material stuff you might provide or gather and for which project.

So far, we did the first workshop with the following outputs :

- Nice projects ideas that weren't formerly proposed by the local coordination group - A participation of 20 people of very mixed background and origins, that was a actually a positive point, because the exchanges were very easy going. - We set up some guidelines (Gilda's guidelines for the project + guidelines chosen by local group) which were very useful. - On each table were the criterias expressed by the citizens in the indicators who had most and linked indicators to the theme. - Each table had an external animator (other city Romanian facilitator) who was helping keeping the persons in focus and managing time, and participating in the discussions with his/her experience. - A first round on each table was to ask everybody to write down some first ideas of actions to be discussed together and shared (and modified, ameliorated) - The time, 2 hours, was too short to make switching the participants, but actually it was nice to have persons working on themes they weren't used to and was source of a "cross-creativity" and coresponsbility - We discussed a lot about how to make this bigger; increase citizen participation, to have creativity empowerment. The conclusions are that it is important to have the heterogenous aspects, to cross different backgrounds. So the proposition we discussed together might be to ask homogenous groups for ideas and guidelines for actions, and for some people wanting to get involved in "heterogenous action creative groups" (this we describe here).

So today will be the resource banking meeting

We had the following ideas : - To start from the actions proposed yesterday - "Be creative in what you may see as a resource !" - It can be your resources you want to share or the resources you might be able to catch - They will first write some ideas of resource they have in mind - Then share together those ideas and find new ideas of resources - Once they have finished, we switch tables - At the end of the workshop, there might be a common pooling of each table to answer to the following question : what action might already have all the resources needed so we can start it today ?

Joel, Mihaela, Andrei, Noemi