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You are representing a territory and you would like to join TOGETHER, the Territories of Co-responsibility International Network? Here are the steps to follow:

A Territory of Co-responsibility is a territory (which can be a municipality, an intercommunality, a neighbourhood, etc.) in which a multi-stakeholder platform is created with a desire to develop new forms of co-responsibility together with collective actors (private or public), but also with citizens and inhabitants, in order to improve the well-being of all, future generations included, on an inclusive and equitable basis.

The first step is therefore to create a multi-stakeholder platform or, if it already exists, to build on it to develop the SPIRAL methodology. The multi-stakeholder platform can be defined as a “coordination group” and can actually have a different name. All stakeholders are invited to take part in the platform, in a spirit of openness and representativeness. The members of the platform participate actively in the approach (work with their beneficiaries, participatory evaluations, pilot actions of co-responsibility, etc.). You can already request the opening of your platform on our website: Application form for the opening of a platform.

Once the platform has been created, we strongly encourage you to join the TOGETHER Network. Although it is not mandatory, this will help you both to be better integrated to the community of territories developing SPIRAL and to benefit from the services offered by the Network.

The next step is to begin the process. To achieve this, please consult the technical sheet available by following this link.

The Network also provides trainings for the facilitators who will then develop the methods in the platforms. You shall find more information about it by clicking here.

You can already be a member of TOGETHER, Territories of Co-responsibility International Network! Go to this page where you will find all the necessary information for your membership.

Please do not hesitate to contact our services if you would like any further information: together(at)

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