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Good practice SPIRAL and why we insist on collective consensus

Spiral good practice/SPIRAL malpractice
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No question SPIRAL is idealistic... and in reality there may well be occurrences of malpractice. Not in the sense of technicalities - e.g. missing out stage 2.3, doing something for x minutes longer than instructed, including too large a number of participants in one group. The methodology is merely a step-by-step guide to follow if you are not sure how to proceed. What is essential to SPIRAL however is a series of fundamental principles which if disregarded would make the process non-SPIRAL.

Cluj meeting feed-back and reflexions

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SPIRAL and Edgeryders "Responding together – citizens’ engagement against exclusion" project first meeting in Cluj. This meeting tries to set up a methodology to unleash creativity and to increase the coordination group.

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