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Intitulé "The World You Like Challenge"
Type Contest
Organisation European Commission
EN short description The World You Like Challenge wants creative and innovative minds from across the EU to put their low-carbon initiatives to the test and inspire others to follow suit. It is a great opportunity to move beyond mere talking about climate change and other issues that affect the world we live in.
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Who is participating? However big or small, any project that is helping to lower or avoid CO2 emissions and improve people’s quality of life can be submitted. Entries are welcome from individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses, public and private organisations and can be entered in one of the following five categories: Building & living; Shopping & eating; Re-use & recycling; Travel & transport; Innovative production.

The deadline for entries has now passed. However, visitors to the campaign website will be able to vote for the most creative and inspiring initiative to create a world we like. From the ten most popular projects, a jury will select three winners that will then be invited to an award ceremony in Copenhagen in Autumn 2013.

  • For more information, please visit About the contest
  • An overview of all the projects submitted can be accessed here
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