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Intitulé Citymart
Type Information Portal
Mot(s)-clé(s) cities    solutions    innovation   
EN short description is the result of a journey that started in 2003 as an initiative to promote cities as real-life laboratories for services in cities. "Our mission is to create a more effective marketplace for cities built on trust, accountability and cooperation" helps you find available solutions that meet the needs of cities and improve the quality of life for citizens.

EN main content In 2008, Living Labs Global was formed as a non-profit association in Denmark with the focus on building a global marketplace for innovations in cities. was launched as a technology start-up in January 2011. Since November 2012, supersedes the Living Labs Global brand to be followed by the integration of both organisations into a single legal entity by May 2013.
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Site Web Citymart
Twitter @citymartteam
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