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An organization that aims to change the way disability is treated and to give people with disabilities the opportunity to know and communicate with accessible way regardless of the disability that they have.

Solidarity for all

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"Solidarity for all" is an open collective to anyone and everyone who is inspired by the triptych: Solidarity - resistance - self-organisation. It seeks neither to express nor represent the alternative world, its structures and charities, but to be a nationwide hub which facilitates their converging.

Bulgaria - Responding Together

Responding Together Meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria
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Responding Together objectives presented to and debated about in the Bulgarian context by representatives of local authorities, national agencies, NGOs and news agencies during meeting 22-23 April 2013 in Sofia. Workshops run by Dr Maria Jeliaskova of EAPN - Bulgaria and Mr Rui Sà-Carneiro of Caxias Social Association.

Citizen Engagement in East Thrace, Turkey

Trakyakent Responding Together and Citizens' Assemblies
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The first month of meetings of coordination groups in Tekirdağ, İpsala, Malkara, Pehlivanköy and Muratlı has been completed following Responding Together training 6 March. Each city/town has gathered volunteers to form the coordination groups. In the cases of Tekirdağ, İpsala, and Malkara, the core of these groups is formed by the members of the Citizens' Assemblies established by the municipalities. The groups aim to represent as widely as possible the different social groups present in the towns/cities.