Rights and poverty

Poverty, precarity and inequality are on the rise in all European countries and have been reinforced by the crisis. These dramatic phenomena not only weaken the Social Cohesion of European societies but they also violate human rights, including social as well as civil and political rights, and question the functioning of democracy. To be effective, the fight against poverty cannot be limited to targeted and conditionalised measures. It must take into account the relationships and interdependencies existing in society in order to facilitate the sharing of social responsibilities and ensure equal access to material and immaterial resources. This implies to encourage the sharing of resources and common goods, whilst avoiding waste.

To foster the discussion in this direction, the Council of Europe in partnership with the European Union launched the Project “Human Rights of People Experiencing Poverty” as well as the Conference “Poverty and Inequality in Societies of Human Rights: the paradox of democracies – Proposals for an Inclusive Society“. The two-days Conference intends to discuss the issues mentioned above with more than 200 participants from different backgrounds, bringing together institutional actors, researchers, activists, associations, and networks, as well as people living in poverty and precariousness and other citizens involved in related issues.

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