Lifestyle 2.0

The economic crisis that we are experiencing in Europe has brought to the forefront numerous issues, particularly with regard to standards of living or present attitudes towards the environment, food waste, poverty, culture, etc. Many people are coming to realise that some of our most “common” practices are in fact unsustainable and damaging to local environments, in all contexts (social, ecological, economic, etc.).

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As a result, communities across Europe are taking the initiative and undergoing - major and minor – lifestyle changes, whereby new, more sustainable approaches to everyday living are replacing processes that are harming society. Throughout the continent, local movements are emerging in what could be described as a case of “out with the old, and in with the new!”

In this particular section, we can see a diversity of ways in which civil society, with or without the aid of public authorities, is working to create once more a lifestyle that fosters environments that are healthy, community-oriented, participative, diverse, and much more besides.

Below are listed the different examples of ACTIONS (in orange) and POLICIES (in green) that work towards building a Lifestyle 2.0.

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Reimagining public spaces

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Going back to the local

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Alternative social economies

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Promoting healthier environments

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Do / Grow it yourself

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Consuming less, sharing more

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ALL examples of actions and policies

  • Please note: ACTIONS (in orange) and POLICIES (in green)

Reclaim, Refresh, Rejuce

Auteur : Lorna Muddiman - Publié le : 2013-06-10 14:22 -

Rejuce: redirecting food surpluses from local markets/supermarkets and transforming it into healthy socio/enviro/eco friendly soups and smoothies.

Bring and Fix

Auteur : Philippe Granger/Lorna Muddiman - Publié le : 2013-06-04 07:39 -

Bring & Fix events are intergenerational community fairs where people share their skills and knowledge freely with each other to 'fix' problems (material and non-material), recycle and reduce waste. The aim is to stimulate sustainability and contribute towards generating resilient and empowered communities in the locality.

MOOCS (Massive Open Online Courses)

Auteur : Louise Hain - Publié le : 2013-05-27 14:10 -

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are free non-degree online courses with open unlimited global enrollment to anyone who desires to learn, and regardless of their current educational level.

The Greeters

Auteur : Louise Hain - Publié le : 2013-05-22 20:53 -
French greeters coordination team

The Greeters is a worldwide movement born in New York in 1992. Greeters are volunteers who propose to show their city to visitors through their own eyes. As inhabitant of the city, they tell their own story and share special places that mean something in their lives. This alternative to classic tourism fosters multicultural exchanges and fulfilment for the visitor and the locals.


Auteur : Lorna Muddiman - Publié le : 2013-05-22 07:44 -

NOPPES, based in Amsterdam, is a 20 years old LETS (Local Exchange and Trading System). NOPPES's goal is to contribute to a more prosperous (social and economic) life of its members, who exchange talents, services and goods for ‘noppes’, a symbolic currency (noppes means ‘nothing’, no money).

Rushey Green Time Bank

Auteur : Lorna Muddiman - Publié le : 2013-05-21 08:15 -
Picture courtesy of Rushey Green Time Bank

Time Banking is a community development tool and works by facilitating the exchange of skills and experience within a community. The Rushey Green Time Bank's vision is to achieve a cohesive community in the Rushey Green area, where neighbours know neighbours and can rely on each other for help and support. Where people of different ages, cultures, backgrounds and abilities interact with each other on an equal footing and with mutual respect and understanding.

The London Orchard Project

Auteur : Lorna Muddiman - Publié le : 2013-05-10 08:54 -

Urban fruit for urban communities – developing a skilled community of Londoners to plant, care for and harvest fruit trees, thereby connecting urban communities and increasing access to fresh fruit.

Living Architecture

Auteur : Lorna Muddiman - Publié le : 2013-04-25 08:17 -

Living Architecture articulates the vital link which exists between architecture and life. This synthesis of abstract and physical considerations has shown itself in practice to be an ideal means to address many of the demands of modern life, particularly how to live ‘sustainably’.

Coroutine Lille

Auteur : Louise Hain - Publié le : 2013-04-19 13:18 -

The Coroutine is a hybrid space made by and for citizens providing an environment to work (co-working), exchange ideas, info, goods and services around the local life (“Veilleuse”+citizenlab) create, innovate and design new objects and concepts with different available tools (fablab+incubator).

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